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Why should entrepreneurship be promoted?

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After spending years getting your degree, you come home to start looking for a job. Some people spend years at home without ever finding a job because the job market is certainly saturated. So, to overcome this problem, organisations are starting to raise awareness among young people about the advantages of starting their own business. In the next few lines of this article you will discover the advantages of starting a business.

Reduction of unemployment

The first advantage of starting a business is the reduction of unemployment in society. This is the aim of organisations such as the one you will find on this page. Indeed, by creating your own company, you will no longer be obliged to walk from company to company every day and over several years in search of work. At the same time, you will open the way for many young people like yourself who are looking for work in vain to find a place in your company to support themselves and their families. 

Being your own boss

The second advantage of starting a business is that you become your own boss. By setting up your own business, you become your own boss. This allows you to organise your work according to your preferences and requirements. So you don't have to answer to anyone because if the business is to prosper, it is entirely up to you. But it should be mentioned that even if you are not accountable to anyone, you are still obliged to satisfy your partners so that you do not throw away the key to your business very quickly. 

Getting the most out of your work

Entrepreneurs receive the full benefit of the work they do because the entire profitability of the activities they carry out goes directly to them. But employees only receive a part of the company's profitability.  In addition to providing you with remuneration and dividends, the company allows you to build up capital that can be sold at some point.