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What is the Tongue Drum and what makes the difference between tongues drums?

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Nowadays, more and more people are looking for instruments or tools that they can use to relax. Among the less chosen tools, there is the Tongue Drum which is known by few people. Indeed, it is used to play music or sounds. Several types of Tongue drums exist today depending on your taste and the objectives of the latter. Most designers of Tongue Drums use gas cylinders for manufacturing. You can learn more about the Tongue Drum if you read this article.

What types of Tongue Drums are out there?

It is true that all tongues are made by cutting up gas cylinders, nevertheless there are differences. You can click on handpan for more details. The difference is between several other points. The biggest difference is in the model and range of your tongs drums. Some tongs can be connected to amplifiers and some cannot. The difference is also in the size and number of notes. Tongue drums most often have between eight and nine notes. Each type of Tongue has a very specific range between those that exist.

What are the ranges of Tongue Drums that exist?

You can choose up to three different scales of tongues for your own enjoyment or for gigs. There is the minor scale which is most commonly encountered and is used for relaxing the atmosphere or for meditation. Then we have the major range for parties or hotter gatherings. Finally, the multi-range models that allow you to have the two above-mentioned ranges and to vary according to your objectives.