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Top 3 tips for finding a job in the US

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Finding a job in the US is the American dream in all its glory. So it takes a lot of investment. The US has the most dynamic economy in the world. Working in the US will give you a lot of work experience. Discover in this article the tips to find a job in the United States.

Find a job thanks to your LinkedIn profile

In the US, more than anywhere else, your LinkedIn profile should be an essential component of your job search strategy. You need to be able to showcase your skills and network. Showcasing your experience is a must in this digital age. You can find more info here. You will need to formulate a clear and precise job title, write an attractive summary, add a professional profile picture, highlight your achievements, detail your experiences and successful projects, list your key skills, get real professional recommendations, share content on LinkedIn Pulse, interact with other users via Groups and finally develop your network.

Find jobs with

To begin your search for interviews, you must first apply for jobs in the US. You should go to job boards that list jobs after you have prepared your US CV. There are many job boards in the US, so you can get lost easily. You don't need to go to all of them. There are some that stand out like This is the job board with the most job listings and the most well-known. On this site, 2.7 million job offers are published every month for the USA.


Networking is still the most important method of finding a job outside the company. It is therefore best to take advantage of all your contacts, such as colleagues, friends and also classmates. Even in your most casual acquaintances, you can sometimes find someone who can give you a tip for a potential job. Self-confidence and persistence are essential ingredients for a successful job search.