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The smartwatch to discover

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A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch, which has different functionalities and can run mobile applications. It also has enormous characteristics. This article gives you the necessary information about such a watch.

The functionality of a smartwatch

A smartwatch is a wristwatch with a display that gives you a lot and more functionality than a regular watch can offer. It is possible to connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth with your smartphone. This smartbracelet is such an important tool that it allows you to track your athletic progress and activities every day. It allows you to accurately record daily activities, including pedometers counting the number of steps taken. It is possible to connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth with your smartphone. You can calculate the distance traveled, number of calories burned, sleep status. It monitors your blood pressure and heart rate with a comprehensive analysis. To find other smartwatches, this link is useful for you. Finally, It is possible to see notifications on your wrist, sms, Facebook… Etc, to control your smartphone camera remotely. With a smartwatch, you can download the application that corresponds to this bracelet from the playstore to synchronize certain data in a secure way.

Features of the smartwatch

The smartwatch is characterized by a connection to your Bluetooth 4.0 which can connect the bracelet to your smartphone compatible with iOS 9.0 and has an Android 5.0. It has a 0.96 inch screen that allows you to view the time. It is equipped with several systems such as : heart rate detection, blood pressure monitoring, step counting, calories, distance. By shaking the watch, you can take a photo with the phone. It has a showable battery, charging time is 2 hours and standby time is 1 day. It is made of metal which protects the watch against water. The smartwatch can withstand any temperature.