Technological advances induced by the pandemic

It is undeniable that the world we lived in before the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed completely. As habits and needs have changed, the demand for certain types of services has increased. As a result, technology has entered a race to meet sudden demand, which brings innovations in several areas including medicine.

Virtual patient care

With social isolation, video call communication has become a reality. With this, many medical consultations were carried out by virtual care to avoid contamination of patients in clinics and hospitals. With this, telemedicine began to be used as a guide, referral and follow-up of patients, as well as for the exchange of information between doctors in order to make diagnoses.

Data crossing

As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is necessary to test and follow as many cases as possible so that those infected can be isolated. This type of measurement requires the use of cross-referencing information in the database. China was one of the pioneers in using this technology in the fight against the coronavirus. Thanks to a partnership with telephone companies, the Chinese government is able to cross-reference information on cases of contamination with that of the places where the infected people are. In some Chinese establishments, the individual must present the QR Code at the entrance. If you haven't passed the places with an outbreak of coronavirus contamination, you may enter.

Artificial intelligence and other technologies

What once seemed far from the predictions of trend reports can now be combined with the fight against Sars-CoV-2. Technological tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing and the medical Internet of things (IoMT) are some of the resources that can be used to find ways of treatment, to prevent the spread and even disinformation of the population.

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