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Reasons for location form to Slovenia

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To enter Slovenia, all passengers must have a PLF. This is the new essential document that all sea and air travelers must-have. This decision was made by the EU health and immigration authorities. It is out of the question to travel to Slovenia without the PLF. 

Digital PLF Slovenia

The COVID-19 pandemic that has affected several countries around the world is the reason why you have to go through quarantine to enter Slovenia. During the 10-day quarantine, you need 3 PCR tests to have the chance to travel to this country. Visit for more details. The situation is so critical that the authorities of Slovenia from its territory any resident who does not have the certificate of residence. All member countries of the European Union must enforce this requirement to their citizens. In addition to that, the passenger location certificate is essential for anyone who wants to travel to Slovenia. To get the Passenger Tracking Certificate, you need to fill it in correctly with valid health information. It will be validated by the authorities and will be sent to the passenger through his e-mail box.

Which vaccination certificates are accepted by the Slovenian authorities?

Validated COVID-19 vaccines are allowed and every traveler must have his certificate before entering Slovenia. Apart from that, the certificate of the PCR of the COVID-19 test dated within 3 days is required. For the antigen test, it should not exceed 2 days. For some nationalities, Slovenia requires a certificate of recovery. The certification of the PCR test can be older than 10 days. However, it should not exceed six months.  Passengers with a COVID-19, but less than six days old, can present a certificate issued by a doctor.  It is important to have all the necessary documents to facilitate your trip to Slovenia. This is a way to limit the proliferation of COVID-19.