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Marriage and its advantages

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Civil marriage is a contract that involves mutual commitments and helps establish the rules that govern the union and family life of the spouses.  This is a process that has many benefits for both the couple and their offspring.  It ensures the stability of the family and allows for better organization of finances, assets, rights and obligations of spouses and children.

 Civil marriage for tax advantages.

We will notice that individuals who opt for the marriage or who decide to live in cohabitation encounter many organizational problems and demand an alignment of status with married couples.  It should be noted that the state has already made efforts to satisfy their request, however, civil marriage is always more advantageous for forming a family. Destination wedding in France is the best and the most wonderful.

Civil marriage has tax advantages: the couple can file a joint tax return to reduce the progressivity of the tax.

Civil marriage for social protection

Civil marriage makes it possible to enjoy more secure social protection: the spouse is automatically the beneficiary for any subscription to health insurance, death insurance or any other form of provident insurance (unless otherwise provided) and  he receives an annuity or a capital fixed in advance in the event of death or permanent disability.

  Civil marriage is also advantageous for offspring

Civil marriage is also advantageous for couples who have children or who wish to adopt them.  This contract gives the couple joint parental authority over their children.  They can apply for full adoption if they live in a community and have been married for more than two years or if they are over 28 years old.  If they are unable to have children, individuals bound by a civil marriage contract are allowed immediate access to assisted reproduction.