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Importance of the air ambulance in an emergency

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Time is of the essence in the world of clinical services. A single second of delay can be fatal to a patient. The patient may live in a remote and difficult to access area. He or she has to travel from the north to the south for an urgent operation, and dies en route because of the distance. The air ambulance is the solution to this nightmare that many patients experience.

Benefits and compositions

Medical evacuations by air date back to the first world war. Airplanes were used to move the war wounded. This means of evacuation became more effective during the Vietnam and Korean wars. By going to this link The air ambulance is a means of transport that is used to move patients from accident sites to hospitals. An air ambulance is faster than an ordinary ambulance. It has access to remote and impassable areas by land. In complicated situations, the air ambulance enjoys the golden hour theory. Indeed, this theory consists of transporting injured or sick patients to a better hospital for better quality care as quickly as possible. During the transport, the patient benefits from first aid, because the ambulance is equipped with the necessary medical tools for the treatment and the follow-up of the sick people. An air ambulance is composed of several medicines and artificial respirators. It also includes electrocardiographs and monitoring units. It does not lack stretchers.

Special treatment

Air traffic control gives good treatment to air ambulances. This allows these ambulances to use sirens and flashing lights when they need to actively search for a patient. In these cases, they are treated as priority vehicles whether in the air or on the ground. They are efficient, practical and pragmatic. Indeed, they are the solution for landlocked areas. And they allow to save more lives.