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How to use a chatbot on Facebook ?

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Chatbots or conversational robots are more and more present on the internet. Whether on websites or social networks, the use of chatbots is particularly appreciated. However, using a chatbot on the social network Facebook is still a headache for many people. Find out in this article how to use a chatbot on Facebook in order to make the most of its benefits.

Using a chatbot to facilitate customer relations

Using a chatbot on Facebook allows you to establish a contact with your potential customers quite quickly. You can consult this recommended site to have more information. In fact, the chatbot allows the user to send a message faster than by email. You can program your chatbot according to the frequently asked questions. Once your conversational bot is programmed, it can give for example information about the opening hours, the quality of your services, etc. The chatbot can manage your page properly without your intervention except in case of emergency when a customer wants to know a special information. In this case, you can let your chatbot take care of the management or take its place to finalize the transaction.

Use the chatbot to get visibility on Facebook

Using a chatbot can help you gain visibility. Indeed, customers are always in search of products by giving them useful information about the product. For example, you can inform them about the guarantees of your products, the manufacturing materials or any other characteristics. In addition, the chatbot can also assist customers during the purchase and facilitate the payment of purchases. It can proceed by sending a message to confirm the payment or to report any problems related to the payment method used. This way of proceeding allows a speed in the transactions and guarantees the satisfaction of the customers and consequently the traffic on your Facebook page.