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How to make custom printable Christmas gift tags ?

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It's almost the holiday season. Christmas is a festive occasion. It is also a time for family reunions. What if you decide to make personalized printable Christmas gift tags to your loved one? This is a great idea. It is a proof of your love for them. However, you don't know how to proceed. Don't worry, keep reading to learn more.

Get the necessary materials

You have finally decided to make to the work, you need to have the necessary materials for the realization of this DIY. You must then provide inks or even paint. They should preferably be in black or white color. A small hole punch is also essential for making Christmas gift tags. Don't forget to bring a maxi punch for labels. You will also need a spool of raffia, a sheet of school eyelets, kraft paper. Finally, you'll also need felt, a pair of scissors and different colored markers. Check out this review to learn more. 
The first step is to cut out the labels from recycled paper. You will need to do this with your pair of scissors and a hole punch.

The other steps of the process

The second step is to punch the top of your label. You need to make small holes with the small hole punch. Then, for a better consolidation of these three, please put school eyelets around the small holes of the tag.
The third step is to tie the raffia spools to your tags. Please tie them tightly so they don't come loose. The fourth step is a breeze. You'll probably love it. Dip your fingers in paint or ink, then remove them and leave your fingerprints on the kraft paper to draw the body of the snowman. With your marker, please finish the drawing. Draw the eyes, the nose, the arms... The felt will be used to draw the scarf of the snowman. At this point, you can personalize your label. You can put Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. 
You can also represent a Christmas tree or queens with paint or ink.