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How to get a Visitax receipt to stay in Quintana

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Nowadays, Mexican cities are invaded by tourists because of their beauty and the attraction of the landscape. In fact, the Visitax receipt is an entry permit for all foreign tourists, but in this case it is a mandatory tourist tax imposed by the Mexican government. Therefore, all tourists to Mexico must have this document before entering any of the city gates in Mexico. How to obtain the Visitax document for travel to Mexico? Focus in our article. 

How to fill out the Visitax form online

Today, the Visitax is a tourist tax and is compulsory for all tourists aged 4 years and over. It is an amount intended for the state's coffers in order to boost or finance the booming tourism sector. Visitax is a document that can be obtained online via specialised sites, but care must be taken to fill in a suitable form. . 

In addition, you must take care to mention your name and surname in the appropriate boxes before validating your application. Also, your passport details and e-mail address must match those on the Visitax application. Finally, you must validate the application by making a payment to the appropriate email. 

Ensure a good tax payment system 

The Visitax tourist tax is also payable online using a credit card or in cash to the relevant authorities. So, if you are a tourist in Mexico, you can make the payment once at the Mexican airport before you set foot in the city of your dreams. However, to avoid a row when you get off the plane, it is better to make the payment before your trip. 

In addition, it should be noted that the payment is 42 dollars for each traveller. For an online application, the payment is also made online, but the document is received by email. After making the payment with the appropriate system, you should receive a payment confirmation e-mail in order to receive the Visitax document that can be downloaded.