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How to choose a good paint?

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To have a sublime well-brushed everything, it is the ambition of many people. How to choose the right paint? We'll give you some tips on how to do that.

When choosing colors, consider the brightness

Before you start, consider the brightness of the room you are going to paint. Keep these details in mind. If the room is south-facing and therefore very sunny, the strength of the color will be weakened, and a richer shade of the chosen color is better suited to a light color. However, if the room is north-facing, a brighter, richer color is more appropriate. Warm colors such as red, orange or yellow are also appropriate. Also keep in mind that where you use a color in the room (e.g., against the light) changes its perception: one color may appear darker than another.

  Matching your paint to the floor

Of course, you must take into account your taste, the furniture, but also the floor of the room. To maintain harmony, use a cool color for the walls if the floor is cold. If the floor is warm, you should also choose a warm color for the walls. However, if you want a very cool color with a light wood floor, you can choose a warm tone. Khaki is better than teal, and purple gray is better than cool plum. Choosing warm or cool tones will create a different atmosphere in the room. It's important to think about the atmosphere you want to create in the room.

Test before you go

Before you start, ask for samples in the store so you can try them out. If you've already used a base color like ivory, linen or pearl gray and are looking for a color to match, consider color cards. Experiment with colors side by side. To encourage this, choose characters. Cool blue and midnight blue, aqua green and fir green, lemon yellow and pastel yellow... But do some testing. If you prefer to play with contrasts, use contrasting colors in small touches. Always make sure they match your furniture.