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How to build a swimming pool in blocks?

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The cinder block pool is one type of pool among many others. It is also the easiest pool to build and the least expensive because of its construction materials. However, it cannot be built without knowing how to proceed. This article tells you all about it.

The boundary

This is the first thing to do before any work is done. It consists of choosing the space that is going to be used for construction; taking the dimensions the owner wants and clearing the area of anything else so you can start digging. Determine the depth with a laser.for more information, see the page.

Erect the walls

Once you have marked out the work area and dug it, the next step is to mount the walls so that they match the dimensions of the boundary. In addition to this, these walls must be solid.

Casting the concrete

After the previously mentioned steps, in order to make the walls unshakeable, the concretes must be poured into the cells of the blocks and left for 72 hours . Remember that these concretes must be reinforced concretes in order to avoid any inconvenience after the construction.

Installation of the pool maintenance equipment

At this level, the pipes should be installed to connect the distribution nozzles,skimmers and the broom outlet. In addition, attach the skimmers to the sand filter. The filter should also be attached to the drain pump for better operation after construction.

Plastering the pond

This is the last stage of construction after cementing the walls, concrete and floor. Thus, the waterproofing compound should be mixed with water in the concrete mixer. Let it stand for a few minutes. Apply a first coat and wait 48 hours before applying the second one. Now you have your pool. Please comply with the regulations in force in your country by declaring the pool to the tax authorities no more than three months after its construction, lest you suffer the penalties that would follow.