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How can travellers get an e-Visa for India?

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When you want to travel around the world, there are some destinations that will make you much happier. One such destination is India, which is now a tourist attraction. To travel to this country, you need at least the e-Visa which will give you access. To find out what possibilities you have to get it, please read this article.

Apply online

If you like to travel to make new discoveries, you need to know which country you need to visit. If it is India, which is nowadays a much visited country all over the world, you need to get the electronic visa for India. Indeed, the e-Visa can be obtained online. With this permit, you can only visit India for a guided tour. It is not about staying in India with the e-Visa. You can just do yoga, sightseeing, cruises and even acquaintance visits for a fixed period. When it comes to business, work, medical or professional travel, you are required to apply for a proper visa at the embassy. The e-Visa is therefore intended for people who want to visit India for a while. You can apply for a visa online and get it in a very short time. You will not have to go to the embassy to follow a procedure.

Getting the e-Visa for group travel

Since the e-Visa is intended for tourist visits, you have other possibilities to obtain it. Indeed, if you are in a group and you want to visit India, you can apply for the e-Visa without any difficulty. But in this case, you must necessarily respect your agreement and only do the tourist visit. It should also be said that the e-Visa has a validity period. This means that when your e-Visa expires, you have to retrace your steps. So it is much easier for you to get your e-visa to visit when you are in a group. Do yourself a favour.